Kasirabo Holdings Ltd.



a) To control land fragmentation, a single member company, Kasirabo Holdings SMC LTD (KHL) has been formed.
b) Buwekula Block 389 Plot 13 is registered in the names of the sole Director & will not be for sale, mortgagee, purchase or give out but farming and growing food for food security.

c) The family beneficiaries will head the eight paddocks and the rest of siblings will work and be paid for the work in those paddocks but also get shares from the consolidated funds equivalent to their respective shares in the inventory in the long run.
d) Lawfully, all the beneficiaries will be ‘Member Directors’ by way of a resolution registered with the Registrar of companies. At the time of death of the Sole Director, the Nominee Director will be free to remain a Sole Director. A member can pass on, but the system is to remain for sustainability.

e) Each paddock will have:-
i. A housing unit.
ii. 3 acres of banana suckers.
iii. 1 acre of fruit trees.
iv. 1 acre of trees for timber/fire wood.
v. Acreage is between 50 and 80 acres.
vi. A valley dam.
vii. 25 breeds (cows) of one type.
viii. Perimeter fence with long lasting trees.
ix. Pastures for animal fodder.
x. Power
xi. Biogas plant
xii. Cattle crush
xiii. Milk parlour