Kasirabo Holdings Ltd.


Dairy Production

600 acres of the square mile have been designated for dairy production.
Our Dairy Production Target is to:

  • produce 4,000L of fresh milk per day
  • breed and sell 200 heifers annually.


To achieve this target, we are developing 8 paddocks in 1 square mile.

Long lasting trees (mahogany) will be planted around the perimeter of the paddocks

Each paddock will have one homestead with 2 housing units for workers (4 rooms).

The  25 heads of cattle per paddock are projected to produce 500L per day.

Water for production: 100x100x15ft Valley tank. 8 valley tanks, 1 per paddock

  • Water is pumped up to the tank. 50,000L tank capacity on a raised ground per paddock.
  • Small scale micro irrigation scheme per paddock.


  • to have both solar and grid hyro power.
  • biogas plant per paddock
  • generator to provide backup power.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • pit latrine per paddock.
  • milk cans

Milk Processing

Each paddock will have a Milk palour for milking of the cattle.

The milk will then be transferred to milk coolers for proper storage and to prevent contamination.

The milk will be processed on site to add value to it. The final product will include ghee, butter, ice-cream etc.

Our long term plan is for big milking facility with is fully automated.