Kasirabo Holdings Ltd.


Justification for Funding of KHL

1. Building up collaboration among four government agencies – NARO, NAGRC & DB, NAADS (Operation Wealth Creation, OWC) and Mubende Local Government, the Private Party ( Kasirabo Holdings SMC LTD) and donor community to boost production and productivity in the Agricultural Sector on the Public Private Partnership basis. Non Governmental Organisations like SNV can provide the desirable training facilities and diary infrastructure as it has provided in Western Uganda).

2. To build, own and operate a family project for perpetuity, involving the community to transform it from peasant life to a middle income status through training and provision of planting materials and breeds at affordable prices.

3. To demonstrate that farming is a good business, if graduates whose parents that own land can employ them immediately after University.


The project will employ 10 graduates and 30 more jobs to other family members and the community.
b) Expected annual income in the fourth year of the project:-